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Hillary clinton is she a lesbian

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You only need to look at what happened inbetween an ascendant U. Nude girls in tights. Because Huma is hotter than any woman Bill has banged in a long long time that we know of at least.

Because conservatives still think being a lesbian is the worst thing a woman can be. More you may like. Hillary clinton is she a lesbian. I am sure she would hate right for homosexuals if she thought it would get her elected.

It was from Clinton. Still, with Republican leadership threatening to take away funding for AIDS research, the Clintons offered the best opportunity to have any influence at all. Among the Bill Clinton-era policies that Hillary Clinton has disavowed on the presidential campaign trail is the Defense of Marriage Act, the law signed by then-President Clinton in the lead-up to his re-election effort that prohibited the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage.

Clinton is perhaps the most famous woman in the world and currently the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and Abedin is one of her closest aides, so there is going to be a certain amount of built-in attention toward them as a pair. You are currently logged in as. Right Wing Watch quoted Rios: We all know that right wingers are offended by someone changing their mind based on facts and evidence.

But it has become a standard GOP talking point. Beautiful women with large tits. Posted by Carollani November 8, 2: This year, as the Democratic presidential nominee, she is running as a forceful advocate for the LGBT community's agenda and a full-fledged supporter of same-sex marriage.

I am also convinced that Hillary is a born lesbian, and rather openly so since the s. I do wonder though, which Democratic campaign is helping to disseminate the rumors: For the past several days, including todaythe most trafficked piece of content on Politico. She told him she wanted his ideas for the best way to show her support for same-sex marriage.

And the photos themselves are equal in their banality: Reader comments are listed below. Check out the first clip before the film's released later this year!

Hillary clinton is she a lesbian

The next two months will tell the tale. The speed in which Muslim voters migrated from the G. Inthe mayor of San Francisco started approving marriage licenses for same-sex couples. It emerged in when she was running for the Senate.

Posted by superyeadon November 8, 3:

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Same thing between siblings. Best milf porm. Rios is a Fox News contributor and hosts a daily radio talk show. John Kerry was a senator when he said in It came from the halls of Congress. Hillary clinton is she a lesbian. Are there basketball hoops on the trashcans? They suggest that this supposed romance shows thecandidate is not only a lesbian but consorting with terrorists, given that the Michigan-born Abedin is reportedly from a family brimming with known Muslims.

Considering the treatment of Muslims over the past fifteen years, many people would consider this a sign of progress. She spoke in favor of civil unions gaining equal legal status as marriage, as well as efforts to end employment discrimination against homosexuals. Because conservatives still think being a lesbian is the worst thing a woman can be. Rosen and other gay rights activists hoped that Hillary Clinton might undo some of her husband's legacy when she started to run for the Senate.

Bryan Fischer, head of the American Family Association, has also fixated on the Abedin relationship and said, "The bottom line is that if Hillary Clinton becomes president inshe will not only be our first female president, she could be our first lesbian president.

Dubya was sucking bin Laden's dick at Kennebunkport family retreats way back in the summer of ' Sincefour prominent texts that fall into this category have been published by Stone, Morrow, and Klein: German butch lesbians have been critical, many of them have denied they still play that game.

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There are dozens of books about the Clintons, including but not limited to: As secretary of state, Clinton allowed same-sex partners of Foreign Service officers the same travel benefits at married couples.

Clinton because they had inside information about the existence of the tape, and they expect an inevitable "October Surprise" and making Hillary a doomed investment As "proof" of the so-called lesbian game, the publication has a dozen photos of Merkel with her hands together in a triangle shape.

He relied on cocaine too much for energy to globe-trot with pedophiles and impregnate prostitutes in alleyways during his morning jogs. After she married her partner, Judy, in April - nearly a year before Clinton's public announcement - Black came home to a note attached to her door.

Each and every person quoted in this story is a lesbian who works for Hillary Clinton. Yet the rumor persists. Bridget everett nude pics. Are you booed up and never go out? At least I think I am. Posted by gay elitist November 8, 2: Rugby quietly plays on the television in perpetuity to mentally prepare them for the scrum of their lives; electing Hillary Clinton for President.

She could make anybody switch teams. So I come here before you with respect, understanding, and humility. And on that issue, she followed. Posted by Willis November 8, 3:

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I don't see her lateness to this being an issue like support or not for Iraq was. Everything from setting up campaign events, to running her social media accounts on Twitter, or Facebook, to the woman who is Chief-of-Staff i. Hot naked puerto ricans. If Shrillary is teh gay with her, does that mean she's gay too??? I thought muslin chicks all wore that jib-jab thing. Hillary clinton is she a lesbian. Peach nude dress But the twice-married Merkel is a staunch conservative who has said as recently as May 18 that there will be no same-sex marriage under her watch, even as Italy was poised to usher in marriage equality.

Clinton's position was softening. A month later, she demonstrated the limits to her support for LGBT rights - declaring that she was unwilling to support legalized marriage. Still, with Republican leadership threatening to take away funding for AIDS research, the Clintons offered the best opportunity to have any influence at all.

It came from the halls of Congress. Who knows, one day those who want to marry animals will be bold enough to campaign for their rights to couple. Too bad the story is a fake. He did a book?

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