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This is a low point, though.

I suppose it's not fair to judge network vs. Milf first video. In the second one they just appear to be mauling each other or Sim kissing. What is she doing with her hand? You May Also Like For me it matters. Lesbian gif kiss. Evelyne seemed a little coy, as Delphine was, but still into it. Even if she likes action stuff, I am pretty sure Alex would not be this awkward with him altho he would have to stop trying to feed her, yes.

Go to Next Page. Nah she is milking this whole Mother Teresa, helper of poor gay unwashed, shtick for all it's worth and fully basking in the limelight. The Network or the actresses if they are withholding is such a fail. You must be logged in to post a comment. Nude aunty sex pics. It didn't use to bother me, but there are enough decently done couples out there that it does now. OitNB, Imma watch you soon.

AFAIK, Tatiana had a flu or was otherwise ill when they were filming the episode so she had to be careful not to pass it on to Evelyne. Broken, closeted Kate blossomed into a teen icon. That's how you give and receive tongue. The woman with the weird hairdo on the left looks kinda confused and embarrassed for them. I see the dreaded "barely making contact" hand over there, and the hand-over-hair, not-under. In fact anything lesbian and touched by Grey's is awful It existed, they existed, she existed.

Again, with Sophie and Sian, sometimes they'd kiss each other's nose, or cheek, or forehead as opposed to kissing on the lips. One of the worst girl on girl I've seen due to their respective ages and how Tatiana Maslany is an excellent actress otherwise. The desert hearts kisses were strange but that movie is so old maybe they weren't allowed differently or something.

Members Member 19, Joined: If you watched the movie Elena Undone, that was an example of unbelievably bad kissing. What makes the difference between two underwhelming kissing scenes is the body language, for instance whether they look into the kiss or look away Sophie and Sian's kisses were just okay but they were really good at thatwhat they do with their hands Miriam copped a feel or two when she first had sex with Rebecca and it made it way more realistic and so on.

I think that when you desire someone, your hips, your groin, press into them unconsciously. Hairy naked black pussy. She was into it. Seriously, wtf is up with her hand.

Lawd Look, it's very simple. There are better kissing scenes between them. It wasn't a happy ending I don't think.

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And, now, we have our winner: There is no kissing there?

I hope she gets a chance for a remedial in S2, either way Pressing your boobs together wouldn't be worse than the saliva you're swapping. All natural nude girls. Sti pretty nondescripts, not worth mentioning either way. They don't even show them holding hands as a couple! Members Member 8, Joined: For me it matters. I love the movie and I know it is a classic, but I don't know? I've rarely seen actual kisses that looked very convincing, probably because most actresses are straight.

Looked like she was in pain or something. Outside of the hand placement that comes later, you can't actually tell if the kiss itself is awkward or not. All performers on this site are over 18 years old.

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Broken, closeted Kate blossomed into a teen icon. Again, with Sophie and Sian, sometimes they'd kiss each other's nose, or cheek, or forehead as opposed to kissing on the lips. Good now of to the next terrible kiss Haven't seen the movie sounded too lame. Sanvers is nor defendable, it's not good and there is no denying that. Lesbians licking shaved pussy. Lesbian gif kiss. All of it is OT. I haven't seen any couple beating these too.

It's not a deal breaker, but it does matter. There are better kissing scenes between them. Miriam grabbed Rebecca's breasts and bottom a few times. When I share a romantic moment with my girlfriend and no one's even around, I feel like kissing her on the lips, not on the nose! I don't know if this has been mentioned, but the actress in the movie with the bathroom scene with the other actress against the wall.

I think "technique" - ZP - is probably less important than the overall body language and how "into it" they seem - TDL. Beals wasn't good at all.

I love the show, but I swear their lips touch maybe twice. The Network or the actresses if they are withholding is such a fail. Huge tits teacher. She statedd how there was something possibly there and many people saw her and max being a thing.

Sadly I have to agree.

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