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The king was pressured to have a child but couldn't bring himself to sleep with his queen so he asked his General to sleep with his queen Song Ji-hyo. I still can't forget In Sung's gaze. Ebony milf riding dick. It can also be seen on the end part when he is already castrated, even if he knows he can't make the queen happy anymore, he knows in his heart that none of this matters for both of them, the queen can also be seen that she still wants hong and wanted to protect him so she called in his friends to help him escape.

He didn't kill the the guy he was meant to? And too many sex scenes in my opinion. Frozen flower naked. In Sung was not that pressured as he thought to be. First, all the actors are really great. However, it will not take you through the journey. I just finished watching this film. But hate it too. Ranch girls nude. But I don't know why after watching the movie, it is suitable if Joo Jin Mo or the King Character is the leading here: He then annouces that he has chosen a date for the queen to have a heir — this time to sleep with Seung Gi.

Posted May 13, Yet majority are misled by the superficial gender indicators and erroneously conclude that the chief had romantic feelings towards the Queen. It was the 6th most watched film in Korea in He would have stopped searching for her when the king told him so, but when you are in love you only listen to your heart and not your mind, the only thing that matter is to be close to that person and express you love to them.

It was a beautiful movie. How did you think you were conceived? I was crying until i cant breath. At least, she could've done it properly.

Frozen flower naked

The king worries when he gets no news from Lim. Despite there's bed scene, but the romance was deep and there's conflict in the film Hong-rim secretly fell for the Queen,though he also 'love' the King. He finally meets the king and the king has thought that Lim wants to return to him.

Laura Aug 05 7: On their 1st attempt to have sx but did not push thru it can be seen how she cried bec. It gives the impression that the king lured the boy in and kept him to himself, and then the boy now gaurd tastes the true fruit of love that between a man and woman and cannot turn back.

But why i feel so sad for the king??? The king has forgiven Lim once but not twice. YCL Jan 13 5:

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Anyways, the story is superb, the cast is good in portraying their part, it's sad but i didn't cry though. Large tits pussy. I agree that you might feel affection for someone after sex. Save Please enter a collection name.

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The film captured Hong's emotional ambiguity and turmoil, as well At times I was flabbergasted with the King, who seemed to have forgotten that he succumbed to pressure and came up with the cockamamie idea in the first place. If it was love, how come the sex scenes were not intimate just action packed. The storyline kinda weak. He sees a sachet box which is similar to the one the queen has lost and gets one.

The mature scenes must have been hard to film, but they did amazing! It brought the concept of star crossed lovers to the extreme. I don't know if it was the acting or the director's intentions, but I never felt that Hong ever loved the King. It was the sex that was the root of the problem, and even though I am more conservative myself, I do not believe that it was disgusting or something that should have been taken out, you just have to be mature enough to handle it when you watch this, or choose to skip those scenes all together for your own sake.

Livia Oct 08 I recently wached this movie. Frozen flower naked. But during the MBC drama awards they asked if he wants to have that type of film with Ji Chang Wook ;he answered no cuz he has already had one. Mature naked blonde women. Violence and selling sex are dominant hollywood moviesi'm really tired of that.

Lim answers yes and the queen sings the song. All the sex part just part of the drama, not necessery. If the audience had empathy on Lim, his target would be achieved even though he was shy over it. I felt sorry for all of the 3 characters, but especially for the king, I felt so much with him that my hand accidently raised to stop him to peek on that door and see his lover and his queen in the bed enjoying their "duty".

I don't think any less of Song Ji Hyo for playing the role, in fact I think she was pretty damn good in it, the first time she spoke I could hardly recognise her at all from her usual self in Running Man; her taking on this role only pegs her more as a mature and well rounded actress.

Personally, the scene where Hong Lim tried his hard to turn his head around to see the King's face and shed a tear was pretty amazing. Honestlysex scenes are not too badnot disgusting as in some hollywood movies and in most chinese movies. When the King catches them and Hong-Lim confesses to loving the Queen all hell breaks loose for everyone involved.

I do not give a damn about your feelings and honor and what not, I will use you the way I see fit to the max The sex scenes between them are supposed to illustrate how passionate and desperate they are for each other - devouring one another.

Joseph Jan 20 5: Oh yeah, some of the homophobic comments need to stop. The last part, when hong lim saw that queen is alive. The sex scenes were good and I don't generally say this about sex scenes in Korean movies:

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Big nude ass women It is an above average film but it doesn't satisfy me that much as the plot is too predictable. Joo Min Mo is amazing to watch in this role, his eyes conveying how hurt and angry he is. As one comment said that she felt bad for Song,..
Beach women naked Forbidden love, homosexual and also tragic ending! Visually the film is bright and colorful, but occasionally veers close to late night cable TV quality the dungeon scenes and the countryside horseback scenes in particular. Lim initially resists against women but later becomes so addicted to it that he demands for more.
Big butt girl sexy One of the greatest movie i seen, the costumes, songs, scenery, and of course the story was perfect. It's more like sex therapy.

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