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Case in point your post here: So if Vamp does awful horror movies is that cringe worthy. Wwe bella twins nude pics. Loonie is so transparent. Just look at all the girls wearing forever 21 cat ears all the time. Listen, Loonie is hotter than most of the cosplay chicks passing off the boudoir shit but I don't even compare her to them anymore since she barely even displays.

Especially since there's proof of you admitting to it here. Kay bear naked. Anon never said the word banned. It makes this forum look like a bunch of jnig fangirls Luna is on Chel's level tbh so idk why not compare her to that train wreck. That would fuck a girl up especially if they got too familiar if you know what I mean winky face.

I wouldn't be surprised if the admins from that lame ass momocon convention post here. You uglies are making fools of yourselves on here no one knows about any of you or cares. Beautiful nude women in bed. You girls are so petty to think she has time to waste on a black girl trying to be white and a fat ass. This is the face of mental illness, I even cut out Momo because that bitch and the fans she attracts are the dregs of society.

She should have gotten that fixed instead of inflating her lips. Read the rules and usage info before posting. Because god damn, it's painful to watch you publicly shit all over your own face. You guys don't think she has told her fans about this place? JPG Loonie is such a dumb cunt kek. Needed that money to pay off her parents house and get a loser to move out of his moms house to lick her shit stained panties. Quite frankly, reading her story really put things into perspective.

How the actual fuck do people think this is realistic? If publicity is what you seek, then this is what I say to you: Jesus don't you want to round these losers up and drown them like kittens.

I'd assume there are plenty of people here who knew Mariah was trouble without looking at her threads…either way, Moomoo sperges her own thread and it's super easy to pinpoint hers as she always says "dude" or "bro" and even that dumb bitch refers to HERSELF as Momokun so I doubt the OP was, in fact, Moomoo. I do have an issue with people judging one person for getting work done but praising another for getting the same exact work done. Nigri and maybe half of the cosplayers out there have the cheapest boob jobs.

The Schema, "Those Rules" Music video. You bring up a group of unpopular promoted cosplayers that no one cares about trying so hard to say they are equals with someone who is actually invited to cons, verified and has real pledges.

Loons, you should have worn this when you did MJ. No one would be surprised if Moomoo bots follows since she has with every other social media, but I don't think Kay does.

And whoever is justifying furry porn shit as harmless needs to be lobotomized. Sexy lesbian brazzers. Paper bag would get more likes than someone with actual skill. Luna is more insane than Kiki.

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The character has small breasts. Mature lesbian porn images. All her self whiteknight devolves down to her delusion that she's the most beautiful woman in the world even after fucking herself with multiple plastic surgeries that make her look like a dried up suburban mom desperately clinging to her youth.

Also most girls shop out their nips for social media. People didnt like how it was way less dramatic and serious than X so it was an odd change of pace. It's not special to associate with Nigri because she has so many haters and lately looks miserable at cons. You can't keep playing pretend Lanie. Luna hardly posts but the others are always bitching or shading.

She went from over pledges to lmfao. Farmhand applications are open. That sweater bullshit got me heated enough to pull pledges. Kay bear naked. So basically you raging on vamp then raging on Nigri Yaya and every other cosplayer that has fake tits. Nude women walking videos. Lol too bad edit history is public Loonie. Have you been trolling Facebook all day for katsucon pics of your rivals? Luna is more popular and has the Hispanic audience she could probably be bigger than Nigri in a few years.

I've honestly never had to step away from the internet the way I did due to the reflection of the community. You really don't know why she came to la you believe what you read or gossip. Years ago you'd never see camgirls and escorts being pushed so hard. A lot of them lighten your eyes and make them "sparkle". Momo probably isn't far away from doing actual fetish videos though. Milf ffm pics. Needed that money to pay off her parents house and get a loser to move out of his moms house to lick her shit stained panties.

My most popular tier! The worst goes to Lanae that works with David Love the pedophile also Vamp, Ireland Reid, AniMia, Hughley the list is so long there's really no point in dissing someone who gained a ton of weight but now has normal real boobs lol.

Because Luna has brought her up on twitter every chance she gets. It looks so tacky! Glad all that sperging on here really helped your cause, Loonie. Shitty lighting and the writing looks like someone slapped it on in MS paint. If that cockeyed nip pic is fake, then you'd jump at the chance to prove It by posting the original.

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Because god damn, it's painful to watch you publicly shit all over your own face.

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