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I'm pretty resistant to Harley's annoyance-factor because I love the character so much. Well, Caitlin couldn't resist giving Iris's big booty as squeeze, which caused Iris to chuckle and then return the favour, but other than that things were pretty PG There was then a moment where Iris almost forgot herself and kissed Caitlin, followed by a moment of considering just going for it anyway, consequences be damned.

I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them.

The bug assigns him the mission of killing Joan. Hot naked having sex. Killer frost naked. We can wait as long as you want. Even when she eventually closed her eyes to try and dull the intensity of what she was feeling, not that it really worked, Caitlin peaked them open ever so often to make sure she was still in control. Iris blames him for Eddy, Caitlin blames him for Ronny, Joe is supporting Iris, Cisco had a family emergency, and his own father left the city.

Then Iris lifted her head and smiled, "That was fun. Opening voiceover My name is Barry Allen. I'd be tempted to cry "misogyny! I had no idea of Cisco's link, either. Len finds the most perfect Valentine's Day card for The Flash. Spreading milf porn. The team are surprised to find a time traveller from the future that shares a striking resemblance to one Barry Allen. The Last Beat William S.

At least now, the show can move on to finding a way to defeat him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She stops as you cum loadly in her and she cums on your member while moans. Lena Luthor is shaken after an attempt on her life. Now that blew my mind. My entire time spent on this sub has been a lie.

It was a fluke, Barry had been so careful hiding his frenemy-with-benefits thing with Leonard Snart only to be found when trying to get a necklace back for Cisco that Walker stole. He believes he is a secret agent with two handlers in the forms of a talking insectoid typewriter and an alien "Mugwump". It didn't exactly take someone of her intellect to figure it out, which was good, because she wasn't exactly at her best right now. Whiskey and Romance by mindramblings Fandoms: She was so worried about something going wrong Caitlin didn't even slide her tongue around them, but God, she wanted to now.

Retrieved 25 November It also helped that they waited a few scenes to have her show up. She wasn't licking her too fast, or too slow, but just right.

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But the more important issue here is that Bruce is obviously implied to be a much older man than Batgirl at this point and it really crosses some boundaries. Nude white ass pics. I meant to ask in the other thread about Assault on Arkham but it slipped my mind when I got back to my computer, what did you think of Harley Quinn saying "Yahtzee" all the time?

Before they had gotten together Caitlin never truly understood men's fascination with breasts. Killer frost naked. Has someone said anything?

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And I really liked Joker being in there, I loved how he got a time to shine while being detached from Batman. Then she latched onto another part of Iris's words, "Wait, so I'm your boyfriend now?

At least now, the show can move on to finding a way to defeat him. Nice art I guess There was a brief silence between them and then Caitlin admitted, "You know, the old me would have never had sex on the first date. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. Wonder how Mister J feels about that? Which made her wonder if she had always been gay and just not realise it, or whether there was just something special about Iris.

Make me cum on your cock. Killer Frost about to kill the Riddler in his cell. BlackWind Follow Forum Posts: He was quite durable no-sold batarangs but we never saw the extent of it.

The actor's steely robostare has never been more compelling. Free milf bondage videos. Oh yes, after another stressful day of trying and failing to cure herself, and succeeding in helping Barry, it was nice to just relax and let Iris pleasured her. It was ridiculously hot. So even if this was scary and unnatural for her she would try her best to do it if it meant keeping this wonderful woman as hers. It raised some controversy with fans, as they thought it seemed quite non-consensual.

At least she got the consolation of torturing Caitlin by eventually removing her fingers from her pussy, bringing them up to her lips and sucking them clean right in front of Caitlin, before grinning wickedly at her and then rolling off the bed to retrieve her special surprise.

This opportunity to let each other know how they truly felt. Don't post to forums Gen. Iris definitely wanted Caitlin to return the favour someday, but she understood the scientist's hesitance, and honestly she didn't really want to risk it because the best case scenario was that it would kill her. Free big tit threesome. Cronenberg halfway", but did praise Weller's performance: Piracy and Civility Keep the comments civil and the content legal, Links to illegally hosted content will be removed.

But she had allowed Iris to defrost her to the point she had considered her friend, and now so much more. Nevermind the moral issues of the situation, are they not worried that someone in a skyscraper might spot the two heroes unmasking and find out who they are?

DC Comics have some of the craziest stories around, but what happens when those stories push into adult territory?

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