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Luna, you supposed to be 22? ReservationMay 25, She always waited and followed behind what Luna did. Sexy older women nude photos. You are getting sloppy and Nigri following her ex was just the petty shit I would expect from someone in high school not a 30 year old. Because being blonde and having fake tits and cock eyed nips, filled in lips and a fucked up nose job will never fulfill you.

Unless you consider being fully in costume, bikini or bra and underwear nude gfto with slut shaming when everyone knows you sucked massive dick for your popularity. Luna lanie nude. It's not lol cow hun it's your ass that's going to be rekt. He's still bff with Kay and even with Luna's druggie ex Alex.

Anyone can see them with a google search. You can't barely get people to join your patreon. She's the only one with her nudes online and the one making pennies on patreon. JPG She used to look like Dakota in her scene phase but is somehow aging much more rapidly and much worse. Loonie you need to call your doc and complain of that refund gap on those torpedoes. Lesbians licking shaved pussy. Every possible series of events is happening all at once.

All she cares about is being popular even if it means making a fool of herself while she sits on anon harassing people's families because of highscool drama. It must hurt to be as irrelevant as Loonie, shes so irrelevant people dont care enough to sue her for slander. Luna doesn't need cosplay never did so wtf are you talking about? You're a nobody the people you ridicule are actually making moves and putting money in the bank.

All those other washed up looking cosplayers look like they belong in a circus are you joking? Not sure if that's the case but she refers to GA as 'home'.

I'm reall starting to believe Luna banged that indian. But she is the main reason this bitch is even popular today. That's the difference between someone with intelligence and a dumb fake bitch that basically spends all her money in plastic surgery and supporting a faggot.

Not saying Jessica is a saint by any means, but Luna's "reasoning" for hating Kay is pure jealousy, I'm sorry. Look at how her hand is deformed from the tit shop.

Was it Raquib because she wanted nothing to do with him? Man y'all are so naive with this shit. You were so sure she was going to "melt down" and looking at the graph she lost most of her patreons in may All these girls are mostly the same, sexy this and that. Krissy is a stripper and Kay fucks dudes for drugs at Rave festivals. She paid me back last year.

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Like move on bitches and whoever else keeps harassing Luna even though she was a cosplayer for a second and not a career like you sorry ass no talents. People that use to know her? Damn Loonie I came and defended you because I thought you were getting your mental health checked and stepping away from the internet since it obviously turns you into a psychopath.

Why else would you be so far up his ass attacking him? I've been looking everywhere for her Periscope and Twitch vids. Hot naked puerto ricans. That's literally all the person wanted was credit for her friend who edited her OG photo. Literally no one cares about lindze except you apparently. It must be horrible to have to live through people you'll never fuck. Luna, we all know you're reading this. Luna lanie nude. She was tired of people asking her to promote their crowdfunding.

Once they settle, they're going to look like oranges in socks. Nai has done a few. Until then you're just another ugly bitch hating on females because you hate yourself.

It's not like you were a blip on the cosplay radar and she supposedly never follows cosplayers she hasn't met so tell me do you really think we are that fucking stupid. Hottest blonde milf pornstars. Thankfully I'm not that cow either. There are so many other better cosplayers out there I bet if Luna made another similar post that cosplayer would get popular too. It must be so easy for you to turn your white trash fans against them, when these girls have to deal with blatant racism and xenophobia on a daily basis without your bullshit attacks.

PNG Ryan has competition since Alex is already verified lmao. I bet all her fans would still stand by her shit behavior since majority of them are racist as fuck anyways. No wonder she photoshops herself so hard. You can discuss the update here. Sounded like she deserved it. Lesbian tribadism sex. How is it possible. Has it started to collapse yet? I find it funny Kay is always brought up to get the attention off Jessica.

Does she uses proxies or something to ban evade? Rumpled Foreskin Stop, he's already dead!

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