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What STD you get on your arm. And in any case maybe she took the pics of the rash to send it to somebody to figure out what it was. Can you have sex with an escort. Notice that all the naked photos didn't show her face or even her head at all. Rapper trina naked pics. Celebrities Talkin' That Ish. I thought Trina was B.

It's not like they took the pics for us to see. That doesn't make any sense people and why should she be embarrassed about an allergic reaction? Its called publicity and in this turbulent industry, bad publicity is good publicity just as long as it gets people talking and draws attention to her.

Trina why you taking pics of your coochie? If he wanted the money thats not the way to go about it of course you shouldn't steal at all but if you are gonna do that shit then be like I'll give you back your phone for a k award or something just don't leak the pictures first dumbass now your ass is probably getting charged by the police or worse Never had that before. If not shame on you. I smell a stunt. The fact that she said they'll be getting involved is laughable. Greek nude beach pics. And yeah, she shoulkdnt have had them on her fone but how evil can someone be to post those up to embarrasss them like that??

The person was attempting to extort money from her. Unflattering or not, all publicity is good publicity and although she probably didn't leak them personally, I'm sure someone from her record label saw that albums which didn't sell and jumped at the free PR opp. I was calling up my mom crying like 'Mom Trina looks nice fresh faced, even her brows are nice natural…. And no that rash did not look like an STD, for all u dummies that thought it was!!

This is a bad look for trina and i though her and Kenyon Martin were still together didnt he get her lips tattooed on his neck i thought that was a serious upgrade for trina but whoever this is saying shes burning it doesnt matter because theres alot of guys who will still hit it.

Hopefully we can deal with the situation and put an end to it. This whole situation is a little "fishy" but I don't think Trina leaked the pics herself.

Some of you are so gullible you believe anything so they continue playing you. Log in to post a new comment Log in to post a new comment log in register Sign in with Facebook. There is no telling what that girl has. Kelly Rowland, Donald Glover, T. Other people ran with a herpes zoster on Rihanna's mouth and said it was an STD.

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The rapper said whoever stole the images also placed some photos that are not her in an attempt to sensationalize the set.

Hated On Since Comes with the territory. Hmmmmmm, something is really off about these pics. Sexy naked models photos. I havent seen Crooklyn in forever. Please think about the dumb shit your saying. Google helps a lot. Rapper trina naked pics. It went something like this…. Delivered to your inbox. So now I'm actually having it looked into by the FBI and it's gonna be a bigger situation that just leaked photos. Mature escort bangkok. Just some sauteed chicken breast sliced uponions and peppers over rice with veggies in it.

Or give her any kind of positive publicity. There is no telling what that girl has. You ain't gonna have it," she said. She's lying, and this whole thing was staged like the rest of the celebs whose laptops, phones and twitter accounts get "hacked with a subsequent "leak" of private photos or sex tapes.

Imagine photogs snapping at your cottage cheese thighs onthe beach or catching that fem-stache in the proper light. Her album is dropping soon so it was a perfect time for her to address this issue and act like she's so ashamed and embarrassed.

We in Decatur, shawty! Either u were allergic to food or stressed that Kenyon texted you and said he was going back to his wife!!! I'm still upset about the Rihanna one tho Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a story. You can tell that something broke her out. Why is it on her phone? That was her boyfriend at the time Big up to Trina for what seemed to be an honest statement to MTV.

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Been relaxing my whole day. Xxx sexy indian photo. Hope it was worth it for the person who stole the cell phone. If not shame on you. Whoever this jerk is is a straight:

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WTH is she supposed to get that kinda lootage??? I don't want you to see it. WOW i'm actually shocked and in admiration of her How did he know her number to contact her and he had her phone you ask? Damn Trina that look nasty, but I wouldnt put it past Kenyon though he look he would do that cuz his Heart was hurt…….

U know Khia, is working on sum ish as we speak. Nude sex old women. She should have received gifts or cash that would have put more than k in her bank account. Rapper trina naked pics. It's not like they took the pics for us to see. Milf blowjob sex First off that it truly and utterly absurd what that guy did!! And my doctor said you're allergic to shellfish or makeup bronzer.

View the discussion thread. Trick Daddy has lupus, and it's not contagious sweety.

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